Quarter 1

Common Literacy Themes in Children's Books:

Courage== ==
Template for post-it notes (To avoid post-its from being all over the place!!)
Balanced literacy template
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[[#|Content writing]] template
First Week Plans 8/26/2013 First Day outline plans (edit as needed)

Building a Reading Life Session 3-Good fit books
Writing for 9/3/13
Reading workshop conference template

Reading Workshop conference template
Reading Workshop conference template
Literacy Plans Sept. 9-13Literacy Plans Sept. 16-20PLans 9/23
Use with Monday's Lesson

Mini Assessment

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Narrative Writing rubric (Criteria for Beginning only)

Literacy plan Week of Sept. 30 - Oct. 4

Plans Oct.7-11

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Book marks for students-Realistic Fiction (3 per page)
Realistic fiction Graphic org.(Writing)
Realistic Fiction graphic org. (Writing)
This is great for teaching the types of sentences.
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This is great and will walk you through each part of the writing plans.

Graphic organizers for Characters in ReadingLiteracy Plans 10/14-10/18
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Realistic Fiction writing plans for 10/14-10/18/2013
Infer character traits wkst.
Plans 10/21-10/25
Lesson 10/25
Plans 10/29, 10/30 and 10/31
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Writing plans for 10/28 adjust as needed.Revised Literacy plans 11/4-11/8Use with Monday's Text Feature Lesson

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Writing plans for 11-4 thru 11-8

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Writing plans for 11-11/13 Set Friday 11-15-13 as a finished target date

Literacy plans 11/15
Word Work smart
Nonfiction text features wkst.Plans for next week!Word Work inflectional EndingsMon And Tues Plans
Writing plans for 11/25/13 and 11/26/13
Grading rubric for Thankful friendly letters for week of 11/25/13

Follow the link at the bottom of the plans for the resources you will needRead to Achieve GroupingsLiteracy plans week of December 2-6thWord Work December 2-6

Power Point on Comparative and Superlatives

Nonfiction text features powerpoint
Writing plans for 12.9 -12.13
Literacy Plans Dec. 9-13

Commas PPT
Using Commas PPT
Intro to Commas Wkst.
Commas practice
Commas Practice
Commas Practice
Commas practice
Commas practice
Commas practice
Commas practice
Commas practice
Literacy plans Week of 1/6/14-1/10 Remember the CIA is Monday during Reading

Reading log from TC workshop if you want to use it
This is a great website that includes an assessment and answer key to conclude our unit on non-fiction. I have a hard copy if you would like to see it or place in for team copies?Literacy Plans 1/13-1/17Word WorkLiteracy Plans Week of 1/22-1/24
This is the reading log I used last year for a participation grade
Historical Fiction Tic-Tac-Toe Choice Boardplans 1/27-1/31
Greek Root Words
Historical Fiction in a Box projectLiteracy Plans week of 2/3-2/7
Historical Fiction Scrap book project and grading rubricLiteracy Plans Interpreting Texts Unit 6 - 2/10-2/14Literacy Plans week of Feb. 24
Historical fiction projects rubrics. The link it takes you to was on the fritz but if you copy the link into internet explorer it will pull it up.
Non-Fiction Passages (Isler
)Literacy Plans 3/3Point of View Smart
Double Bubble Map for comparing and contrasting POV
This Obj. 4.RL6 is an objective that did not have a mini-lesson for, for this unit. Attached are graphic organizers and a lesson "how to" use it.Literacy Plans Week of 3/17Guidelines for lessons
incredible inferences SMART-Can be used with Tues or Wed lessons
Author's Purpose Smart to use with Thursday's LessoLiteracy Plans Week of March 24-28Literacy Plans Test Prep 3/31-2/4
Great website to use and tool for passages to go with lessons/grades released EOG passages
Literacy Plans Week of 4/7-4/11Plans 4/21-4/25
Poetry MenuPlease use this template and a poem of your choice for today's reading lesson 4/28
Use this chart when reading poetry to interpret/break apart the components to better understand the meaning!
Fun investigation lesson/template on interpreting poetry. Use with poem of your choice. (use this site to locate released nc poems)
Another great chart for interpreting poetry -Poetry lessons all planned out on Learnzillion -all you need is to sign-up it is FREE!another great site and activities for interpreting poetry This has a poem and open ended questions that follow along4th grade eog style poem and comprehension questionsplans 5/12-5/16

Have the students read the fables found in the IMagine It book!!! (Fable, grasshopper and the ant) ---This is a slide presentation on how to write fables step-by-step!

Theme back to school unit 2014-2015