October 15-19 Lessons

October 22-26 Lessons

October 30-November 2 Lessons

November 5-9 Lesson

November 13-16 Lessons-

4th grade most commonly used words on state tests (Spelling Words this week) I am testing them on meaning as well-

To use during small groupTo use during small group
November 19 Lesson-

December 3-7<-

December 10-14
My class is still working on this

My [[#|Class]] is still working on this

January 2-4
skill and strategy lessons
Paper Plans (Grammar lesson and green band lesson aren't filled in because I haven't seen the plans yet, but when I do I will fill them in as well! )
Green Band
January 7-11
Green Band Lesson

Mini lessons- I added Jessie's grammar plans and Kenya's green band plans. All in one format! :)
Monday and Tuesday mini lessons
Use with Wednesday and Thursday mini lessons. I have the books. We will have to share somehow.

January 14-18
updated :)

January 23-25

Quarter 3: January 28- Feb. 1.

.This is page 1 to the below file [[#|labels]] POV0001- My scanner messed up :)
This has the POV mini lessons. Use page 172 to print out for the partner read lesson on thursday
Use these 2 files for Small Group if you like!

February 4- 8- POETRY

http://www.brainpop.com/english/grammar/prepositionalphrases/preview.weml - prepositional phrases (log in on plans)
February 11 - 15

February 18- 22

February 25-March 1

[[#|Last]] couple slides to wrap up plays on Monday.
[[#|Start]] Wednesday-
<- Can use the [[#|last]] texts "The Talker" in small group.

March 4-March8


I am going to pages 1-4 :)
March 11-15

Pages 4-8 assessment- will put in for copies Monday!Identifying sentences
april 15-19



Use the poem from this fileUse the questions for the poem from this file- the poem page got messed up when scanning. :(

May 6-10

Inferencing wkst
Inferencing wkst
Inferencing ppt
Inferencing with comic strips ppt