Week 2:
Sept 4-7.notebook
Sept 4-7.doc
Multiplication Bingo Game

Multiplication Roll It Game
Multiplication Matching Game
Multiplication I Have Who Has game
Week 3:
Math plans week of Sept. 10-14, 2012
Week 4:

Study Guide for Thursday 9/20
Problems of the Day 9/17-9/21
Week 5:
Problems of the Day 9/24-9/28
Geometry Plans week of Sept. 24-28 (Geometry manual)

Day 1 HW
Geometry Worksheets! :)

http://www.khanacademy.org/commoncore#grade-4 I found this on line. It's a free teaching and learning tool and it's aligned with the Common Core.

Week 6:

HW 10/01
HW 10/02
HW 10/03

HW 10/0

Week 7

Modified for EC/ESL Students

Plans for week on 10/8-10/12/12

Geo game
Geo game dice template
Geo game board

Week 8- Division

PowerPoint for Lessons


10/15 homework

10/17 homework

Week 9: Division Continued

Interpreting remainders 10/22

Interpreting remainders Oct. 23

Review of Long division steps Oct. 24

Plans for Math Oct.22-26 (updated)
Pages 1-2 are the Steps for Long Division (DMSB), page 3 is division word problems( May use for HW), pages 4-5 R 11-14 & P-11-14 are divsion practice (may use for HW), Pg. 6 Divsion Dilemma (Remainders activity -may use manipulatives or long division)

Two Digit divisors and divison review Oct. 25
First two pages are two digit divisors(can select one for HW), pg. 3 is a Division challenge sheet, Pg. 4 is a division facts timed quiz

Quarter 2

Week 1: Multiplication

SmartBoard Lessons 10/30-11/02
Paper Copy Lessons 10/30-11/02
10/30 Homework
10/31 Homework
11/1 Homework
11/2 Independent Practice

Week 2: Division Review

Paper Copy of Plans
Wednesday Independent Practice/HW
Thursday Independent Practice/ HW
Bingo Materials

Week 3: Unit 5

Paper Plans
Session 1.1 PowerPoint
Session 1.2 PowerPoint
Session 1.3 PowerPoint
Game Cards
Session 1.4 PowerPoint

Week 4: Unit 5

Paper Plans
Session 2.1 PowerPoint
Session 2.2 PowerPoint

Week 5: Unit 5

Paper Plans
Monday PP
Tuesday PP
Tuesday Independent Practice
Tuesday Independent Practice / HW
Wednesday PP
Thursday PP
Friday PP

Week 6: Unit 5

Paper Plans
Monday PP
Tuesday PP
Game Cards
Game Record Sheet
Wednesday PP
Thursday PP
Fridays Quiz

Week 7: Unit 5

Week 8: Unit 5

Week 9: Unit 4 Fractions and Decimals

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Math plans Jan. 2-4, 2013 (Friday's format is odd. I will change it ASAP!) Also be sure to read all of the notes and Professional Development info in the margins and back of book because this unit is full of student misconceptions.

4x6 rectangles (to print for students)

Week 9: Unit 4 Fractions and Decimals


Week 10: Unit 6 Fractions and Decimals

Math plans for week of January 14-18, 2013
Class work 1/14
Homework 1/14

Whole cards to make fraction decks
Fifths cards (for fifths and tenths) for fraction decks

Table for grouping fractions (Session 2.4)
Quarter 3- Week 1

Thursdays Lesson

Thursday Lesson

Week 2:

Plans for week of Jan. 28-Feb.1, 2013

Something I found from last year. Might be useful for problem of the day.

Week 3:

Plans for week of February 4-8, 2013

Week 4:

Math Plans for Week of February 11-15, 2013 2/11

Study Guide for Fractions and Decimals test (Classwork/HW for 2/14)

http://www.superteachertools.com/jeopardy/usergames/Mar201010/game1268061239.php Fractions Jeopardy 2/14

https://**jeopardy**labs.com/play/**4th**-**grade**40 Fractions and decimals jeopardy 2/14

Week 5:

Measurement using GA unit

http://www.schooltube.com/video/d43e7738596540f9873d/ School tube video on measuring to nearest 1/2 and 1/4 inch

HW for measuring to nearest 1/2 and 1/4 inch (There are 4 sheets. Maybe use page 2(on grade level) or page 3(extension) for HW)

http://www.onlinemathlearning.com/line-plots-g4.html Line Plot video to go w/ "What's the Story?"
examples, practice and answers to practice
Matching data to line plots HW (Medium)
Interpreting line plots HW (Medium)
Reading line plots HW (Easy)

Area and Perimeter PPT Link to Prior Learning

Video link to area and perimeter rap

http://www.learnalberta.ca/content/mesg/html/math6web/index.html?page=lessons&lesson=m6lessonshell12.swf Area and perimeter video

Week 6:

Math plans for week of 2/25-3/1/13
http://www.brainpopjr.com/math/measurement/gramsandkilograms/preview.weml Brain Pop video on Grams and Kilograms

http://www.studyzone.org/testprep/math4/d/metgram4l.cfm online practice for grams and kilograms

Estimating grams and kg wkst.

http://www.brainpopjr.com/math/measurement/ouncespoundsandtons/preview.weml Brain Pop video on ounces, pounds and tons
Ounces and pounds PPT
Ounces and pounds HW
http://www.studyzone.org/testprep/math4/e/ouncespounds3l.cfm Converting between ounces and pounds

https://www.khanacademy.org/math/arithmetic/rates-and-ratios/unit_conversion/v/converting-pounds-to-ounces Converting between ounces and pounds video

Week 7:

Math plans for March 11-15, 2013
Capacity wkst
Capacity wkst
Capacity ppt
http://www.brainpopjr.com/math/measurement/cupspintsquartsgallons/preview.weml Brainpop video on customary capacity

(Here is the link for the NCSCOS Week by Week Essentials which is a sheet a week with one multi-step word problem a day and the Keeping the Skills Sharp which has several computation problems, 8 or so mental math problems and one big multi-step word problem for students. *They are not CCSS for math. However, they do offer some good skill work and opportunities for problem solving.** There is a sheet for all 36 weeks of school and answer sheets. Please use if you like!)
Metric Capacity Practice
Metric capacity Reteach
Metric Capacity Problem Solving
Metric Capacity HW

Metric Capacity Enrichment
Customary Capacity Reteach
Customary capacity problem solving
Customary Capacity Practice
Customary Capacity HW

Week 8:

Plans March 18-22, 2013
A review to pass out for Tuesday

Quiz on line plots, capacity, weight, mass and measuring to nearest 1/4 inch. I need to draw the line on last 2 questions. I can place in copy box if we all want to use it.
Real world Angle problems from elementarymathematics.org site

For Angle Tangle lesson you'll need the template for
Circle fractions - a whole, halves, fourths, eighths, sixths, and thirds

Week 9:

Math plans for week of March 25-28, 2013 (No school on Friday 3/29)
Measuring angles with protractors
Estimating angle measures
Measuring angles w/ protractors
Measurement Game!
http://www.ixl.com/math/grade-5/measure-angles-with-a-protractor Measuring angles w/ a virtual protractor

Complementary angles wkst (2 angles that add to 90 degrees)

Supplementary angles wkst. (2 angles that add to 180 degrees)
Measurement study guide (I am adding one or two angle questions that I have to cut and paste on the first page)

Quarter 4:

Week 1:
Math plans for week of April 8-12, 2013
Week 2:
Math plans week of April 15-19, 2013
3 digit by 2 digit word problems
4 digit by 1 digit word problems
2 digit by 2 digit word problems
4 digit by 1 digit multiplication

Week 3:

Math for April 22-26, 2013
Multiplication or division
Multiplication or division
Multiplication or division
Division with estimation
Four by 1 division
Three by 1 division
Card activity and a formative assessment (pg. 8)
2 digit by 1 digit division showing long division and picture of groupings

Week 4:

Math Plans week of April 29-May 3, 2013 (Updated except for Friday) Unit 8 copies are in copy box!
https://jeopardylabs.com/play/roi-5th-grade-math-multiplication-and-division-review Jeopardy

Study guide for Unit 8 Test
Graphs of stories
Graphs ppt
Mix and Matching graphs to situations

Week 5:

EOG Review Day 1 Exit Ticket questions
4.NBT. 1-5 Resources
http://mrnussbaum.com/grade_4_standards/ 4.OA, NBT, NF, MD & G Questions
http://www.mathworksheetsland.com/4/ Worksheets for 4.OA, NBT, NF, MD & G
http://www.free-test-online.com/ccss/grade4/grade4_ccss.html Online test for 4.OA, NBT, NF, MD & G
http://www.edinformatics.com/testing/new_york_state/grade-4-math.pdf NY sample test items (The answers are at the bottom of the page)
http://www.doe.mass.edu/mcas/2013/release/g4math.pdf Massachusetts Released test items for math
http://www.mathgoodies.com/standards/alignments/grade4.html Online quiz questions per standard

Week 8:

www.coloringsquared.com/...coloring-pages...coloring-pages/free-multip (Multiplication coloring)