Science Wiki Page for the 2013-2014 school year.

Ecosystems ppt.
The Great Kapok Tree bookmark w/vocab. and comp. questions
The Great Kapok Tree scavenger hunt
Rock cycle reading comp. passage and questions
Rocks reading comp.wkst.
Science worksheets for more grades
This is the sheet to send home for your pet rocks.
Rocks and Minerals ppt
Rocks and Minerals "Two Truths and a Lie"
Rock Word Wall words w/ graphic organizer
Rocks and Soil Jeopardy (Soil info they should know based on Third grade Science standards)
Pet rock rubric (print for each student)
Another Animal Adaptation Resource
Main Idea Power Point

Electricity TIC TAC TOE board
Magnets-types & uses LL820 (Readworks passage)
Electric & magnetic forces LL1190 (Readworks passage)
Current electricity quiz
Electricity Rdg. Comp.(K12 Reader)
Electrical charges
Electricity mini-book
Electrical circuits
Magnetism questions
Magnet attraction

The Salley Files

Team!!! The links are to the videos for topics covered in our magnetism and electricity unit. Underneath each link are the activity files.

Nutrition Food plate game