Ecosystem Quiz updated
Ecosystems Review Jeopardy (some of the slides we have not taught, therefore just skip those sections)
Review sheet for Ecosystems quiz. It is on a half sheet.
Quiz for Friday 10.1.14 with corrections
To introduce the Sci Method and Sci Fair

Rock choice board and rubric
Earth, moon and Sun Lesson outline pg. 161 (Reading and Science Materials)
SMART notebook for Earth and Moon
Seasons ppt
Seasons ppt
Earth's movement quiz
Earth's movement worksheets(pre and post test, cloze reading, etc.)
Moon phase vocabulary to write on BINGO cards and use for BINGO game
BINGO card template (S fill of their own bingo cards using moon phase vocabulary from PPT above)

What is Energy? worksheet from the text p.296
Electricity Quizzes