Quarter 1

What is a scientist? PPT for BOY: S can create a picture of what they think a scientist looks like, what tools he/she uses, where he/she works, what he/she does, reads, says, etc.


*These are the [[#|lesson plans]] for the week of the 17th. Ignore the 10th [[#|file]] name.


Week 5 9/24/12

Week 6 10/1/12
No new [[#|lesson plans]]. Use a [[#|sticky note]] to mark last weeks plans. This will be a catch-up week.
Ecosystems [[#|Quiz]] to use as you wish.
http://www.brainpop.com/science/ Show first then ppt. 10/18/1210/18/12 Follow up with [[#|Hide]] a Moth activity10/22/12Week 6 10/29/12

Quarter 2

Week of November 5,2012

Rock [[#|Test]] Study [[#|Guide]] for when we need it:

Power Point to use with Study [[#|Guide]]:

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These are the actual lesson instructions for the cookie and the granite, in more detail.

Lesson plans for week of Dec. 3

Science test for rocks

A modified test for ELL and IEP

Quarter 3

ppt for Energy 2/11/13

Sci plans for week of 2/11/13

What is Energy?


use with light lesson if you want

Another one to use if you want.

Earth Day

http://www.duke-energy.com/visitor-centers/energy-education.asp This site links to Duke Energy

Quarter 4


MyPlate unit if you want to print it out.