Quarter 1

For 9/11 Rememberance
Regions test
Brochure for regions template


Brain Pop 9/11 Video
​ 9/11 Lesson Plan


Week 5:

Something I found to be useful.
Week 6:

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Quarter 2

Unit 2, Lesson 1
Election Day
Week of November 12th
Reading Comprehension

Reading and writing activity

Week Of January 7th

Week of Jan. 14th

Blacbeard questions

Blackbeard ppt

Quarter 3
Week of Jan. 21st

Week of Feb. 4
Daniel Boone youtube

Week of Feb 14th-The Revolutionary War

lesson plans for 2/25/13

Plans for 3/11/13

SS test for unit 3 lesson 1

Lesson plans for March 18,2013
Dinner menu to use during Work on Writing March 18,2013 for SS.

Dinner Menu for unit 3 lessons 2 and 3 to use durting work on writing

Key points organizer for Menu

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Plans for March 25,2013 for review and then test
Dinner Menu for Unit 3 Lessons 4 and 5
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Use for a review/ study guide for March 25, 2013 with test being on or about Thursday, March 27
Plans for April 8,2012
Review sheet for Unit 4 Lesson 4 and 5 for final test
Lesson 4 and 5 Test-
Modified Version

NC Lighthouse Project 4th Qtr

Lighthouse Project rubric (Use if you like!)
http://www.ncwiseowl.org/carolinaclips/lighthouses/Homepage.html This is the new site for the webquest
I created this during Student Teaching use if you like;-)

NC Wright Brothers Assignments 4th Qtr

http://www.pocanticohills.org/wright/timeline/meet.htm This is an interactive picture book

Technology Study Guide 4th Qtr