Week of September 3-6 Slides

Week of September 3-6 Geography Plans

Week of Sept. 9-13 (September 11th lesson)

Week of Sept. 9-13 Plans

Week of Sept. 9-13 (Assessment Lesson 2, Use if you would like)

Week of Sept. 16-20 Plans

Week of Sept. 23-27 Plans (Unit 1 lesson 4)

Brain Pop-Video on Religious Tolerance for 1st lesson
Map Assignment (label places using S.S. book) Higher level
NC wordsearch
NC Geography activities

Week of Sept. 30- Oct. 4

Unit 1 Study Guide

Unit 1 Assessment
Unit 1 Writing prompt

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Unit 1 Writing Scoring Rubric

Week of Oct. 7-11 SS Plans (Unit 5 lesson 2, 3)

Week of Oct. 7 (Reading passage if you need more grades)

Week of Oct. 14-18 Plans

Week of Oct. 14th (Reading Passage, if you need more grades)

Week of Oct.21-25 SS Plans

Week of Oct. 21-25 (Unit 5 Assessment)
Week of Oct. 21-25 (Unit 5 Assessment- MODIFIED version)

Week of Oct. 28- Nov.1; Nov. 4-Nov. 8 (Unit 6, Lesson 1)

Week of Oct. 28- Nov.1; Nov. 4-8 (Unit 6, Lesson 2)

Week of Nov. 11-15 (Unit 6, Lesson 3)
Week of Nov. 11-15 (Unit 6 Assessment)
Government Passage (If you need grades)

Culture Passage (If you need grades)

J.A Biztown

Biztown Plans- Week of Jan.13th
Biztown Curriculum Guide- Unit 1(Important Guide to follow, has everything for each lesson
PowerPoint to go along with Unit 1 and Unit 2
Biztown Plans- Week of Jan. 20th
Biztown Plans- Week of Jan. 27th
Biztown Curriculum Guide- Unit 2 (Lessons 1-4)
Biztown Curriculum Guide- Unit 3 (Lessons 1-4)
Biztown Plans- Week of Feb. 3rd
Biztown Curriculum Guide- Unit 4 (Lessons 1-6)

http://www.jacarolinas.org/get-involved/volunteer/ja-biztown-volunteer-training/ Link for volunteers to go to JABiz Town
Biztown Plans- Week of Feb. 10th
Biztown Plans-Week of Feb. 17th
Biztown Curriculum Guide- Unit 5 (Lessons 1-2)
Check Book Set Up- Day Before Site Visit

PowerPoint to use for business groups( may want to modify the teacher names if you would like to)
Curriculum Guide- Two lessons for after site visit (may want to combine both lessons into one and complete the afternoon after the field trip.

Martin Luther King Package

MLK Math Word problems

Week of Feb. 24- Feb.28 (Review for Raleigh Field Trip)

SS Plans (Week of Feb. 24-28)

Women's Suffrage powerpoint

This is like a video ineractive presentation kind of thing you may want to look as prior to presenting. I just happened across is. Its by PBS.
Something I'm using for a grade!!! ;-)

NC History

Imagine It Texts that could be integrated into literacy

Unit 3- The Covered Wagon Girl
Unit 3- Christopher Columbus/Buffalo Dusk
Unit 5- The Dust Bowl
Unit 5- Golden Spike
Unit 5- The Rise of Cities
Unit 1- Langston Hughes
Unit 3- Gold Miners Tale
Unit 5- John Henry
Unit 5- Golden Spike

Leveled Readers-
North Carolina and the Past (Lexile 660)
Treasure Hunt (Lexile 850)
The Lost Colony at Roanoke (Lexile 780)

Native American Conflict (14:30)

Conflicts with English Colonists (27:25)


The Unfinished Nation: Coming to America: A Portrait of Colonial life (27:15)

American Indian and Colonist Reading Passage

Indentured Servants Reading Passage

American Indian Reading Passage

American Indian Reading Passage


Blackbeard Powerpoint

Blackbeard Questions

Blackbeard Reading Passage

NC Colonial Life

Reading Passage and Comprehension questions


Colonial Gardens Reading Comprehension
Colonial Tools and Weapons Reading Comprehension

NC Lighthouses

North Carolina Lighthouses