Lesson [[#|plans]] for the "The Best [[#|Christmas]] Gift Ever" 9/16/2013
Rubric for grading Christmas gift essay
Plans for 1.6.14 Historical fictionThese have been updated. Use as you can with all of the Sci Project activities going on.
Writing plans for 1.27.14
[[#|Story]] I wrote to share and model. Use if you like.
Writing plans for 2.3.14- [[#|Continuation]] of Historical fiction story
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Writing plans for History in a Box or Scrapbook plans 2.10.14
Graphic Organizers I'm using for Historical Fiction
Writing plans for 3.10.14 Unit 6
Here is a 2 slide ppt just to get you [[#|started]] for baseball. The Song take me out to the ball field is also on you tube.
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Plans for some actual poetry writing for 3.31.14
poetry smart to use with this week's lessons (breakdown of how to write poems)To use with writing Memoirs to get started
Realistic Fiction Powerpoint